Android Smile Notification

Smile! 2.0.1

Smile! is an Android app designed to increase the security of your device.

In today's mobile world we have our entire life attached to us at all times in an electronic form.

We should all have some sort of a lock on our device.

Well what if someone is trying to pick this lock? Wouldn't you like to know as it happens?

How does it work?
A pin, password or pattern is required to unlock your device
After downloading Smile! you will set a default email address for alerts to be sent to
Enable admin mode for the app
You have the option of sending GPS data as well as an image.
Upon an invalid pin, password or pattern the app will snap a picture, capture GPS data and email it to the address set.
You can then track down this device physically and identify the person who has entered the invalid credentials.

Uninstall Instructions:

If you are on Android 2.2+ and having trouble uninstalling go to Settings -> Location and Security -> Select Device Administrators and uncheck Smile! and then proceed to uninstall normally.